Social Workers

Master‘s-prepared Social Workers are available to you and your family to discuss topics of importance to you.

Senior man and female doctor reading book

We’re Here For You

Through education, supportive counseling and connections to resources, Social Workers work with you, your family and others to assist with the adjustment to what is likely a life-changing event.

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Female assistant talking with senior woman in nursing home with crutches.

What Our Social Workers Offer You

Emotional and social adjustment counseling

Assistance with removing barriers to treatment

Education on kidney disease and treatment goals

Bridging barriers to referral services and community resources

A Devotion to Help

Going through the dialysis process is not the easiest for all patients. Our social workers here at GHS are here to help you adjust to these potentially live changing events.

A Social Worker Meant For You

Our social workers are highly educated and trained to help patients and their families by providing support in all areas of their lives including: emotional, financial, career, lifestyle adjustment and more.