Patient Education Program

PEP Talk is an interactive educational experience provided by your dialysis care team. Each month, your team will provide educational materials about important topics related to dialysis and kidney disease.

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What is PEP Talk?

The Patient  Education Program (PEP Talk) is designed for you. Each month, your care team will provide you with education about important health topics. It is important to your care team that you feel comfortable asking questions and get the information you need. You are the most important part of the care team. Having a clear understanding of your illness helps you to take better care of yourself.

PEP Talk

What Our Patient Education Program Offers You

PEP Connect education materials

Understanding of dialysis and renal disease

Information on how to better care for yourself

A Devotion to Patient Education

There is a lot you must know in order to do well on dialysis. The Patient Education Program is designed to get you information in a way that is easy to understand.

Patient Education That Helps You

PEP Talk covers a variety of topics, including diet, treatment options, and safety. Have questions? Your care team is dedicated to getting you all of the information you need.