Financial Counselor

To aid in better understanding financial matters, we provide you access to a financial counselor that will educate you on insurance options available.

Senior asian man meeting financial adviser for investment, Financial advisor talks with client for financial planning after retirement.

How Can My Financial Coordinator Help

Guide you through the process of getting health insurance

Assess if you need to change your health insurance coverage

Assist you with completion of coverage applications

Get you more information about your insurance options

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Person in need having a counseling session

What Does My Financial Coordinator Do?

The financial counselor works with you to review your health insurance coverage and help you to pursue the best option, if needed. They can help you complete applications and apply for assistance, if needed. You can count on our financial counselor to assist with getting your questions answered.

A Devotion to Financial Help

Going through the financial dialysis process is not the easiest for all patients. Our financial counselors here at GHS inform and provide you with as much financial help as possible.

A Financial Counselor Meant For You

Our financial counselors are highly educated and trained to help patients and their families by providing help with finding the best insurance coverage for your situation.