Chronic Kidney Disease Classes

Please join us for one of our Let’s Talk CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease free education classes.

You, your family and loved ones are welcome to attend one of our classes. The class covers ways to slow the progression of kidney disease, treatment options if the kidney disease is advanced, kidney function, the “whys” of CKD that help you understand how the disease affects you and why, how to work with your medical team, and treatment choices with the benefits that will give you the lifestyle you want. The earlier you attend, the more opportunity you will have to slow the progression. Call our 866-246-2136 to be scheduled in class that is located closer to you.

Devoted to Informing You

Let's Talk CKD gets you the information you need before you start dialysis. It can also get you information about how to delay the progression of your kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease Education

Let's Talk CKD is offered in a variety of locations, as well as one-on-one education options. Contact us today to enroll in a class.