In-Center Hemodialysis

What is “In-Center” Hemodialysis?


Hemodialysis is when an artificial kidney is used to remove waste and extra chemicals and fluid from your blood. In-Center Hemodialysis is when you travel to the dialysis unit 3 times per week to receive treatments. You will be asked to weigh yourself, then sit in our lobby for your chair to be ready. Once it is ready for you, a Greenfield team member will connect you to the dialysis machine and your treatments will begin.

Important facts to know…

  • You  are required to go to the same dialysis center 3 times per week.
  • You are on a set schedule.
    • Either Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday
    • Most units have 3 shifts: 6am, 10am, and 1pm are the appropriate start times
  • Treatment is usually 3.5-4 hours long
  • In-center hemodialysis take about 15-20 hours a week in addition to travel time
  • Travel can be arranged (based on insurance coverage)
  • It is important that you do not miss a treatment

What Should I Consider if I Think I Might Prefer “In-Center” Hemodialysis?

  • Your diet and fluids are limited because it is not a daily method of dialysisSONY DSC
  • Medical help is available on site in case of emergency
  • You get to know and interact with the other patients on your shift
  • You do not need a care partner for this type of treatment
  • You are typically prescribed more medications than with other type of treatments
  • Transportation is not provided by the dialysis unit
    • There needs to be a long term transportation plan set in place when considering In-Center Hemodialysis

If you choose In-Center Dialysis…

It is important to maintain your body and health to achieve the highest quality of life. In order to do this, you should follow these steps:

  • Keep your dialysis appointments and stay for your entire hemodialysis run to get your blood as clean as possible.
  • Visit your doctor for scheduled medical appointments and speak up when you need help. It is ok to ask lots of questions!
  • Work with your dietitian to determine the best diet for you. You should always pay attention to your lab work to make adjustments in your diet when necessary. Remember to take prescribed medicines including your phosphorus binders when you eat.
  • Exercise or do some sort of physical activity you enjoy. Whether it is walking around the block, watering your garden, or riding your bike, it is important to find an activity that helps keep your body moving. Your doctor will be able to help you decide which activities are best for you.

What to bring to the dialysis center for your treatments

On the days that you have dialysis, it is important to bring the things that will help you relax and make you comfortable while dialyzing. We recommend:

  • Bring the blanket and the television earphones provided to you
  • Pack a book or a project
  • Wear comfortable clothing