Healthy slimming diet

A Renal Dietitian is responsible for teaching you the ins and outs of the dialysis diet. She will review monthly labs with you and go over diet options that fit you best. The renal dietitian works closely with the doctors to monitor the medications that are prescribed as well as recommending nutritional supplement options that may be appropriate for you. She also works closely with rehab and transplant facilities to provide continuity of care. She can help with weight loss or weight gain goals that you may have and can provide menu options that would be beneficial.

Your dietitian will review your nutrition and help you with:

  • A customized food plan based on your preferences and your diet prescription
  • Nutrition counseling for you and your family based on your unique needs and treatment
  • Information about special food products and supplements
  • Information about appropriate recipes and cookbooks as well as sample menus and holiday menus