2016 Symposium Speaker Recordings

Please click the link below to view a recording of a speaker presentation from our 2015 Renal Care Symposium

Dr. Tamara Kear -Culture of Safety Begins and Ends with You

Dr. Laura D. Byham-Gray – Weight, What?: Patient-Centered Approach to Fluid Management

Judy Beto, Ph.D, RD – New Trends in CKD Mineral & Bone Disorder

Mr. Thomas Holmes and Bishop Edgar and Mrs.Sheila Vann – Tales from Home: Patient & Care Partner Perspectives

Dr. Naima Ogletree – CKD: Giving Patients a Voice and a Choice about Future Healthcare

Dr. David Nerenz – The Brave New World of Pay for Value: How is it Working for Safety Net Providers?



2016 Renal Care Symposium

This year’s Symposium, People, Connections, and Value took place on November 9th and 10th at the lovely Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth. We had the privilege of welcoming many remarkable speakers up to the podium. Interesting topics and stories were shared, which included new trends in CKD Mineral and Bone Disorder, the culture of safety, and the brave new world of pay for value. Home patients, Thomas Holmes and Bishop Vann and his wife and care partner Sheila shared their heartfelt stories and perspectives and answered many questions from the audience, which had them both in smiles and tears. The laughter from the photo booth was contagious and the day was a beautiful display of GHS and the renal community as a whole. GHS is very pleased to hold this event year after year to provide a unique educational and enjoyable experience to all that attend.  We hope that everyone who partook in this event has gained something from it. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Symposium one of the best!