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Save the Date! 2019 Renal Care Symposium

Save the Date! Our 2019 Renal Care Symposium is taking place at The Inn at St. Johns on November 13 and 14. Please stay tuned for more information.

2019 NKFM Kidney Walk

This year’s Kidney Walk took place on May 19th. The Zoo was bursting with fun activities, smiling team members, and a community coming together to support a cause that is dear to all of us. The picnic grove area was certainly a site to see. Children were getting their faces painted, team members were dancing the cool morning away, and the zoo animals were waiting to make their grand appearances after the Walk began. Greenfield was out in numbers and for those of you who made it out that day, thank you and we hope you enjoyed yourself. For everyone who has donated, participated, and took charge and held a fundraiser, thank you. This day was a success because of you, your talents, and generosity. We are patiently waiting for grand totals to come in and will share those once we receive them. From what we know now, the numbers are not going to disappoint.  Here is a brief glimpse at what took place this year at the Zoo…



2019 CKD Classes

The “Let’s Talk” CKD class is an introduction to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  You will learn about the kidneys and Chronic Kidney Disease. The class covers the kidney’s “jobs”, the stages of kidney disease, how to understand your lab reports; anemia, phosphorous, potassium and calcium; and how they impact the health of your kidneys. The class reviews ways to slow down the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease, including medication and diet. You will also be introduced to all the treatment options for Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease including transplant, home dialysis and in-center dialysis. The class is two hours long, meets one time, and is available to patients and their significant others.  The class is free and you do not have to be a Henry Ford patient to attend. Please call Victoria at 248.642.5038 for class times and to register.

2018 Renal Care Symposium

This year’s Symposium, “Taking the Next Steps”, took place on November 14th and 15th at the beautiful Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth. We had the honor of welcoming many remarkable speakers up to the  podium. Interesting topics and stories were shared, which included medication management, telehealth, obesity, and trends in hepatitis C. Holley Holloway and Jeffery Bryant conducted 3rd and 7th inning stretches to get the crowd to their feet. The laughter from the photo booth was contagious and the day was a beautiful display of GHS and the renal community as a whole. GHS is very pleased to hold this event to provide a unique educational and enjoyable experience to all that attend. We hope that everyone who partook in this event has gained something from it. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Symposium a memorable one! Next year’s is already in the works.
















New! Changes in Medicare

In 2018, Medicare will replace all patient ID Cards

Medicare is preparing to stop using Social Security numbers as the basis for identification next year, and will send new Medicare Beneficiary ID’s (MBI Cards) to people with Medicare ID               numbers. CMS will issue new Medicare cards with a new unique, randomly-assigned number called a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) to replace the existing Social Security-based Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) both on the cards and in various CMS systems we use now. Medicare will mail new Medicare cards between April 2018 and April 2019. 


  • No need to take any action to get your new Medicare card unless you need to update your address by calling 1-800-772-1213
  • The new card won’t change your Medicare coverage or benefits.
  • Medicare will never ask you to give personal or private information to get your new Medicare Number and card.
  • There’s no charge for your new card.


Scam artists may try to get current Medicare Numbers and other personal information by contacting you about their new Medicare card. Medicare WILL NOT call you. They often claim to be from Medicare and use various scams to get the Medicare Number including:

  • Asking to confirm the Medicare or Social Security Number so they can mail a new card.
  • Telling you there’s a charge for your new card and they need to verify your personal information.
  • Threatening to cancel your health benefits if you don’t share your Medicare Number or other personal information.

If someone calls and asks for your Medicare Number or  personal information, immediately hang up and call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).