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Greenfield Health Systems is recognized as one of the leading dialysis and renal care providers in the country. We currently manage 18 units in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio that provide acute, chronic, daily home hemodialysis, home peritoneal dialysis, and transplantation services.

Greenfield Health Systems (GHS), a division of the Henry Ford Health System and Community Care Services, has been a major contributor to numerous local and national research and educational initiatives since its inception in the dialysis arena in the early 1970ís. Our GHS staff consists of approximately 500 physicians, nurses, technicians, dietitians, social workers, financial analysts, and other allied health professionals and provides dialysis, counseling, and referral services to over 2000 patients annually.

Our medical advisory board, consisting of medical directors from each program/unit, provides the oversight and governance required by Federal and State agencies to meet practice and reimbursement guidelines for ESRD patients.

Our programs utilize state-of-the-art equipment and our extensively trained and experienced staff and management teams contribute their expertise to further advances in research and provide vital links to the communities we serve.

  • Provide exceptional quality and cost-effective care, strengthened by excellence in education, technology, and research
  • Design our services and programs around the needs of our patients and families.
  • Recognize the importance of involvement with other members and organizations within our community (e.g. Early College Program, Prevention Fairs, Heart and NKF Walks, Community CKD classes)
  • Patients and customers come FIRST
  • People are our strength
  • We practice continuous improvement
  • We are all in this together
  • We serve with compassion

An EOAAE Employer