Our Purpose

Greenfield Health Systems is the oldest and one of the few remaining not-for-profit dialysis providers in our community and we are here for a reasonYour decisions about your care are always important ones. Renal disease can be a serious condition. When your condition is serious and your choice is important, no one finds you and what you need more important than us − we are dedicated to dialysis.

Every company has a mission and vision statement on their wall, and we do too. What becomes important to you is how your provider of care strives to live its mission. Our mission is one person at a time. When that person is you, you want us. You are the reason we are here.

We promise you the attention that only a local provider can offer. Our programs remain those of innovation…not imitation. Expect from us a unique approach of expertise, compassion, respect and true passion for what we do. We are dedicated to dialysis…we are here for a reason…we are here for you…we are Greenfield Health Systems.