Greenfield Health Systems and Partners

All Greenfield Health Systems’ dialysis facilities offer a compassionate, multi- specialty team, modern technology, clinical expertise, and the latest medical knowledge to provide you the highest quality care available. We have been a part of your community since 1983 and are close to celebrating almost 40 years of excellence dedicated to dialysis! We love this community as much as you do and are proud to say that metro Detroit is our home. We look forward to celebrating many more years of providing world class care to our families, friends, and neighbors.

Greenfield Health Systems offers a range of dialysis care:

Transplantation Referral

If you are interested in a kidney transplant, the physician and a transplant coordinator are available to discuss this option with you.

Home Dialysis

We have multiple home programs in Detroit and throughout the metropolitan area offering:

  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Daily Home Hemodialysis

In-Center Hemodialysis

Greenfield has many dialysis facilities from which to choose, allowing for your treatment to be scheduled close to home.

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Education Programs

“Let’s Talk CKD”

The “Let’s Talk CKD” (Chronic Kidney Disease) is an education program designed for patients and family members. The free two-hour class covers an introduction to the kidney, preventative steps for maximizing health, delaying the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and all treatment options.

“PEP Talk”

PEP Talk” (Patient Education Program) is an ongoing teaching program that adds to the knowledge gained from the “Let’s Talk CKD” class and is designed to increase your understanding of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and dialysis. It will provide you with skills and tools for achieving the best possible health outcomes.

Your Team

At Greenfield, your physician, specially-trained nurses and technicians provide your individualized dialysis care. Additional services are provided by a qualified social worker and dietitian.

Your social worker can assist you with:

  • Adjusting to your new life with kidney disease
  • Assistance with removing barriers to treatment
  • Education on kidney disease and treatment goals
  • Bridging barriers to referral services and community resources

Your dietitian will review your nutrition and help you with:

  • A customized food plan based on your preferences and your diet prescription
  • Nutrition counseling for you and your family based on your individual situation
  • Information about special food products and supplements
  • Information about health friendly recipes and cookbooks as well as sample menus and holiday menus

For more information about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), our Patient Education Programs or Greenfield Health Systems and its Partners, contact us at 248.642.5038 or 866.246.2136.

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